Aloha. Hello. Welcome.

My name is Rose (if you have been part of my online life for a long time you may also know me by the nickname “Dee” as well) and I live in the beautiful state of Hawaii. I absolutely love the beach and intend on making it a habit to go more often. You tend to take things for granted when they are so easily accessible.

I love to write, read and create. I am a Twitter addict, Virtual Assistant and Freelance Writer and I am also an AVON Representative.

I also do yoga occasionally and am into spirituality and meditation. You can learn more about that here: ConsciousRose.com

I also love unicorns & mermaids. My favorite color is purple and I am a Cancerian crab.

Having a website is not new to me. I have been writing online in some form since the late 90’s and have had several websites, blogs and online journals in the past. This time around I am hoping to stay a little longer at one spot.

I enjoy meeting new people and having an online presence for so long has helped me to do so. I have one friend in particular that I refer to as my twin. We have been friends for almost as long as I have been using the internet. So make sure to go bother Kristina and check out her blog about designer toys Kawaii Vinyl

This website is a place for me to share my random thoughts, ideas, opinions, my favorite beauty products and experiences. I write about a lot of different topics: blogging tips, love and relationships, beauty products, black hair care, pop culture and whatever else is on my mind.

If you would like to get in contact with me you can email me [rose@hertaintedlips.com]

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