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Do you believe the adage that bad news sells better than good news? Do you find yourself getting more response to negative posts than positive ones?

I do believe that bad news sells better, however, it depends on whom is consuming it. If someone is generally a positive person; negative information may rub them the wrong way but they are less likely to stick around for the muck. On the other hand, other people may stick around for it and feed off of it.

Unfortunately, there are some miserable people that don’t appreciate people expressing themselves in a positive way so they may come and attack them in an effort to bring the other person to their (comfort) level. Debates happen all the time over something that was originally positive because some people are just straight up party poopers. They feel that if they can’t be happy, neither can anyone else.

I try to be positive in my posts most of the time but of course it depends on the topic that I am blogging about. When I do write something negative it seems almost out-of-character for me, so I sometimes get more responses on those posts than other ones. Luckily, even though the attention is on a negative post, the responses tend to be positive and uplifting so I don’t mind.

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How do you respond to bad news in the media?

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