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Are bloggers journalists? Why or why not? If they are journalists, should they be held to journalistic standards? Why or why not?
I do not think bloggers are journalists in the traditional sense, however, some bloggers create the same type of content that a journalist would. Depending on their niche or interests some bloggers do create useful articles that are used to inform people. Some bloggers are even journalists in the making. Just because someone does not professionally do something that does not mean they lack the skills to do it.

I find that many lifestyle bloggers (like myself) have a wide range of interests and sometimes choose to include newsworthy events in their posts. What’s cool about that is you get a different perspective because they are not necessarily creating content for the same audience as a journalist for a major news outlet. You often get their personal opinions on the topic and not an overly edited report. Also, bloggers use their platform (blog) to share events that may never make it to any media outlet. They may write about local events or people that nobody would ever hear of if they didn’t write and publish a post about it.

A lot of bloggers want to be writers or journalists but some just enjoying writing about events that are important to them or that they find interesting. They shouldn’t be held to the same standards as journalists because what they write is usually not meant to be consumed like a CNN piece. They just chose a topic that they wanted to write about and shared it. Their intention is not always the same as professional journalist.

Even though I don’t believe bloggers posts should not be judged in that manner they should know that some people will judge them and give their opinions – especially if it is a touchy subject. If a blogger wants to write about an event they should be prepared for others to respond to it. If they don’t want to have too much commotion on their blog they can always turn the comments off for that particular post or moderate the comments as they come in. I have seen so many instances where people had debates in comment sections because they did not agree with what was being shared.

Bloggers are not necessarily Journalists, however, depending on the content that they share some people will treat their posts as if they are. Being a Blogger or Journalist comes with the possibility of other people offering their opinion, they just have to be ready for it because it comes with the territory.

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