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Do you always exercise your right to vote? Why or why not?
I do not usually discuss politics in any way unless it is with certain people because I don’t like that it often causes arguments. Since this is one of the questions for NaBloPoMo March 2015 though, I will go ahead and answer it.

I do not always exercise my right to vote. My first time voting (that I recall) was in the 2008 election. Even though social issues were discussed in our home the importance and the act of voting was never really talked about. I know a lot of people that grew up in the same predicament. When my mom approached my sisters and I about voting it was strange yet refreshing at the same time. We were all adults and making a decision that had the potential to change so many things. It was really exciting to do some research on all of the candidates and find out what they were promising to do if they were elected.

Since then I have voted a couple of times but voting is still a “new” thing for me. I understand the importance of it but it is still not always the most important thing (for me) to do.

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Do you vote? Why or why not?

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4 comments on “Do You Vote? Why Or Why Not?”

  1. I sometime think the overt political fighting and the media can really cloud all of the issues. It takes a lot of time and energy to sort through the nuts and bolts of issues. I wish there were a simpler way of getting to the truth so we are well informed when we head to the polls.

    • Gosh this is so true. Like can we just focus on the issues (even if we agree to disagree.) Maybe one day we will all learn how to get along 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

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