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Most news reporters on television have a sign off statement. What would be your sign off statement and why?
If I was a news reporter my sign off statement would probably be

Don’t believe the hype.

I am all for informing the masses about newsworthy events but most media outlets tend to thrive on creating hysteria. As a reporter I would hope to be honest and informative without causing people to respond with fear and anxiety. Ever watched the news and just come out being extremely stressed? Even if the topic itself was not that serious?

As a reporter I would want to bring the facts and nothing but the facts. No filling in my broadcast with unrelated nonsense. I would stay on topic and give the important information that my audience requires. When a reporter gives all this unnecessary information it can be annoying and overwhelming.

I don’t want to fill people’s heads with ideas and information that has nothing to do with what I am reporting. I know most other reporters would do it so I want to remind my audience that they really shouldn’t believe the hype.

And now, Public Enemy rapping “Don’t Believe The Hype”

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What would your sign off be?
Do you believe the hype?

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