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It’s my birthday today! WOO HOO. Yet another year older (and hopefully wiser.) One thing I have realized is that as you get older the Christmas and Birthday gifts tend to taper off. I am perfectly fine with that since time with family and friends is a good enough “gift” in my opinion.

With that being said… what person doesn’t enjoy getting gifts or little treats here and there to celebrate another year of life? I will admit… I DO, I DO!! I forgot to grab up most of my freebies last year but I decided to take advantage of it this year and reap the benefits. So behold, some of my favorite birthday freebies and deals.

birthday freebies and deals

Starbucks offers free birthday rewards during your birthday month. So far I have gotten free drink (of my choice) during my birthday month. I overheard someone saying they may let you choose a food item in lieu of a drink – but don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and sign up for an account and get your free birthday drink! They have several other great rewards that they give you for signing up and loading your card as well. Enjoy!

Sephora gives you beauty freebies for your birthday. This month there are two different sample sets to choose from – one with face products and the other with makeup. If you are like me and love their products – I promise you that you will absolutely love the birthday freebie that they offer you.

Join the Baskin Robbins birthday club for a sweet treat on your birthday. Who doesn’t love ice cream??

I just found out about this recently so I haven’t gotten this birthday freebie just yet. Word on the interwebs is that if you sign up for Ruby Tuesday’s newsletter you get a free appetizer. As a bonus you get a free burger for your birthday (worth up to $9) – how amazeballs is that?

Are you the type to eat breffis (breakfast) any time of day? Me too! So check this out! Denny’s will give you a free grand slam on your birthday. Don’t forget to bring your Photo I.D. so they can confirm that it is your birthday. Free breffis food you say? Well heck, I’m in!

What are your favorite birthday freebies and deals?

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