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Hey there!
2016 has been a year… one for the books. AMIRITE?? It has been full of lots of ups and lots of downs for myself (and apparently for others as well). So many things happened that I sorta don’t even know where to start but I wanted to post one final Flashback Friday’s post for the year because I enjoy doing them so much! Keep reading for more about what I was up to this past week.

flashback fridays hertaintedlips

Aside from being shocked by all the celebrity deaths this year, I have been feeling uneasy about the ending of this year. If have been feeling so exhausted – mentally and physically – and have had a lingering headache for 4 days already! I feel the weight of frustration and sadness slowly lifting yet my mind feels “heavy” – I can’t really put it into words. It is sort of like this irritating pressure.

I am super excited for a new year and new beginnings. I just want to let go of 2016 and all the crap that I had to endure. I have positive things coming in 2017 and I am super excited about that. I will be graduating this upcoming semester and I have a performance review coming up at work which could mean a pay raise – those two things alone have got me excited.

Another thing I am looking forward to is my Best Friend’s wedding. I can’t wait to dress up and join her in celebrating this new chapter of her life with her. I’m also having to search for a new place to live because the building I am currently residing in is being sold and I believe they may be planning renovations. Everything is going to work out towards the end of the semester so things should hopefully work out seamlessly.

I am looking forward to new beginnings!

Since I am out of school for a couple more weeks I have mostly been working and getting other things in order that I wasn’t able to the past couple of months. I have been doing a lot of organizing, planning and purging. Out with the old, in with the new. Even though I haven’t been feeling well I have been in a very positive and inspired place lately so I have been riding that wave the best I can.

Adios 2016! What are your plans for New Year’s Eve and what are you planning for 2017? Let us know in the comments.

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