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Dear Fellow College Students,
You can take a deep breath.
I am hoping that you had a great semester and that all of your papers, presentations and finals are turned in and no longer something on your to do list. You have done all that you could have possibly done (hopefully) to make this a successful semester.

*Cheers to you and high five if you are a graduating Senior*

You made it to the end of the semester! It is time to enjoy the Winter Break.

flashback fridays hertaintedlips

This semester was actually a fairly “easy” one for me compared to some of the more recent ones that I have had. Mainly because I enjoyed the courses and Professors that I had. It was full of great information and great people to share and learn it with. Even though my life was all turned upside down I was able to finish the semester fairly unscathed. I am super excited for next semester (and scared out of my mind) because I am taking my two Senior Projects and will be graduating (finally).

I only had 2 courses this semester and they were both online. One actually ended back in September so I am happy that I had about 2 months of just having 1 course to deal with. I’m so happy that they were online because when I went to Georgia while my Dad was hospitalized and after he passed away I think I would have had to drop the course since I was away for so long. Online courses aren’t for everyone, however, they can sometimes be a huge blessing.

I am proud of myself for getting through this semester even while I felt like the world was crumbling beneath my feet. My college career has a been a long journey and I will write about it more on a separate occasion because there are some topics I want to touch on that would do better in a different post. I will probably work on that during the winter break.

I am currently working on a post of resources for college students – it has been sitting in my draft folder since last semester – and it will be posted at the beginning of next semester so be sure to be on the lookout for that. I feel like I had so many more resources to share so I wanted to go back and edit it a bit more before I launch it out to the interwebs.

If you haven’t had time to go shopping for others make sure you check out my gift guides and be sure to check out this post featuring Companies That Give Back When You Make A Purchase This Season.

Thank you so much for stopping in and I hope to chat with you soon.

What are your plans for the Winter Break? Let us know in the comments.

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