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This has been a busy week for me at work and I’m not sure if it is my body adjusting to working again or *crosses fingers* that I am getting sick but I have been really exhausted lately. I find myself going to bed earlier and earlier every night. It is a good thing but I just feel like something is a little off in my body. I’m going to drink more water and do more stretches through the day in the hopes that it will get me feeling better.

I have been working from home this whole week so that had been nice. I get to take care of things in during my breaks and I enjoy the freedom that it gives me. Some days I work a bit in the morning and a bit in the evening. I have time for writing, napping, relaxing and just doing other things my old job wouldn’t allow me to get done. I have gotten so many important emails and phone calls out of the way because I have part of my day to do these things. It has been great!

I haven’t done anything too exciting this week so instead I am going to just share from a conversation I had with a friend.

Recently I was talking to my friend and they told me I need to be ok with being an emotional person. I had mentioned that I try to keep it bottled up sometimes because I have had instances where I was bare and raw and emotional with someone and they did not know how to react. I felt exposed and abandoned. It was a horrible feeling and I never want to be in that situation again. My friend told me that if that is who I am I need to be ok with it and not worry how others are going to deal with it. It was really refreshing to hear and I just what I needed to hear at the moment.

After my last breakup I could feel myself building a little wall up because I felt so lost. When you don’t see it coming it is so difficult to deal with. I don’t want to let anyone in that is going to hurt me but I realize now that I am hurting myself by keeping people out. I am losing out on possibilities.

My friend also said that they think I wait too long to tell a man I am interested. This is true yet false. I feel like I throw hints but I like to get an ok from the other party first before I pursue anything further.

I am going to work on this and let ya’all know what happens.

What about you? What is holding you back from love?

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