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flashback fridays

Hey y’all! How was your week? I hope it was wonderful. Last weekend was so much fun! We had family and friends stopping in throughout the weekend and it was a pleasure to have them. We had a adult beverage night, pizza night & a BBQ night. We also had fun times with my niece, nephew and some of my little cousins. We set up a little pool for them, took them for an evening of crabbing and lit up the fire pit for s’mores. I loved that the kids had so much fun. Every night they were worn out from all the excitement that they had.

Having Monday off from work was really nice and because I had an extra day to spend with family and friends over the weekend. Now that it is getting closer to Summer I plan on filling my weekends with friends & family time. My birthday is in July and I plan on celebrating the entire month lol. I can’t wait to go on adventures and create memories with the people close to me.

Lately so many of my friends and family members have been going through some extremely rough patches. All I can do is pray for them because it has just been overwhelming and I am dealing with some of my own issues. One main thing has been really bothering me is how exhausted I have been. It is more than just a lack of sleep. I really feel like something is physically wrong with me and I am hoping to get some answers from my doctor soon. I have always had issues with my iron levels and I have a feeling that may be the problem. I am really hoping that is the what is going on because it is a fairly easy “fix.”

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week and if I can give you one piece of advice it would be to take some tasks off of your to-do list and schedule in some “me” time. I have been deleting things off my calendar/schedule and to-do list and trying to focus on the most important items first and foremost which includes family, friends and ME. Trust me. It will be worth it once you do it. Take care of you and you will be better equipped to be there for others.

How was your week? Any exciting plans for this weekend? Let me know in the comments section.

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