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This has been a rough week. It went by far too quickly yet I am happy that it is Friday. Excited for the weekend and happy to be blessed with another day. Thank you for stopping by to see what is going on over here.

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I have been feeling crappy lately. It started with body aches and a itchy throat which led to coughing, congestion and fatigue. I spent a lot of time sleeping and just letting my body rest. I got some NYQUIL which helped a little. Now my throat is super dry so I cough even more than I did before. I have been craving coffee but opted for hot green tea with a little honey instead. I love green tea and always feel better (in general) when I drink it. I used to drink it daily and I think I may get back into doing that. I am just happy that I have more energy now.

The weather has been muggy lately with nightly showers so it sort of matched my mood. The other day I had to get out of the house to take care of some things and the weather wasn’t too bad so I decided to go across the street to the beach and mediate for a bit. I was just what I needed. The nice weather, salty air and relaxing ocean waves was so great. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a picture I posted of the ocean that I took on that day.

When I wasn’t rolling around in bed trying to get comfy or being annoyed by coughing spells, I did spend some time reading (online). Here are some of my favorites that I read this week. Enjoy and have a great weekend! About to go make another cup of hot green tea with honey and work on some projects while I still have the energy.

+ Gala Darling reminded me that I am overdue for a visit to Sin City in her post Magicians, Pina Coladas And Sparkly Glasses: Our Vegas Vacation! I absolutely love the video she did with her gal pals.

+ Speaking of travelling… A Beautiful Mess Guide To Brooklyn made me want to book a flight and discover all the cool places mentioned.

+ During a moment inspired by Drea’s Nails I painted my nails which I haven’t done in months. I needed something to brighten up my mood so I used a bright orange color from Kleancolor called Sangria Burst. Here is the color and other similar ones that I found:

+ Brown Girl Bloggers got a fabulous website upgrade and I am loving it!

+ Make sure you check out these 3 Tips To Take Better Blog Images From Your Smartphone. I really miss doing photography and I am hoping that later this year I can invest in a fancy camera to take my photo’s to the next level. Until then, using my Samsung Galaxy will have to do.

P.S. I have been (slowly) working on more NaBloPoMo Posts. They should be posted by Sunday.

How was your week?
What are your plans for this weekend?

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2 comments on “Flashback Friday’s: Episode 4”

  1. Thanks for linking back to my blog, Rose! I appreciate that. My week was great, but I sort of lagged in productivity. I blame the weather. Now that it’s warming up here in Chicago and there’s been an abundance of sunshine, all I want to do is get out of the house! My plans for this weekend include blogging, writing my weekly newsletter and going to a Jazmine Sullivan concert. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    Drea |

    • Hi Drea. Not a problem at all! I love going to your site – I even go through old posts to catch up on what I missed. Sounds like a nice weekend to be had – I hope the concert was great! Thank you for stopping in.

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