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It’s Friday again! You know what that means – the weekend! And I especially love Friday’s because I get to work from home. WOO HOO. Yay Friday!

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Life, Life

IT IS HOT! Now if you go ahead and google the temperature for Hawaii you’re going to be like “what are you talking about Rose? It’s not that bad. Besides, you live in Hawaii – it is supposed to be hot.” WRONG! Now, I will admit, this summer has not been as hot as it was last summer (which was probably the hottest summer I ever remember in Hawaii out of all the summers I have ever lived here.) However, the humidity the past week or so has really done a number on me. I have been warned by the heat to up my water intake by nearly double. It has just been ridiculously hot.

I had a moment last week where I was so thirsty that I had to grab a bottled water in the store and start gulping – I felt like I was about to pass out. I think I am suffering from heat exhaustion because for a couple days in a row I just felt absolutely horrible. I am hoping that this comes to an end very soon because I have been feeling so damn miserable lately. Thank goodness for cool summer nights, fans, ice water and sugar-free slurpees!

In other news, I discovered one morning that one of my credit cards was used to make a fraudulent purchase. It was “only” $1.33 – but the thing about it is – I did not authorize that purchase. I called my credit card company and issued a fraud report. They cancelled my card and will be sending me a new one. I share this to remind all of you to please check your credit card and bank account statements. Figure out a system that works and stick to it.

The gentleman in the fraud department says most times what happens is your card will get charged a couple small amounts so the illegal scoundrels can see if you’re monitoring your account and suddenly *BAM* – they will try to charge a large amount. Let’s just say I was pretty damn heated and a bit annoyed because they couldn’t even trace where the charge came from. I googled the name of the lodge and it is a Yoga Retreat in Scotland. Even though I would love to go to Scotland one day and love myself some Yoga… that certainly wasn’t me.

In more exciting news – I binge-watched Netflix Original Series Stranger Things and I need them to come out with at least 2-6 more seasons… ASAP. Since I was left wanting more Sci-Fi goodies to fill up my time before school starts in a couple weeks I remembered that I didn’t finish watching Sense8. I am on episode 9 which is where it is getting even better but that also means I am almost to the end of that season – what do I do next? Let me know what you have been binge-watching on Netflix so I can check it out.

What I enjoyed reading this week:

  • 12 Reasons Entrepreneurs With Type-A Personalities Are Unstoppable: It seems like I always run into people that consider themselves Type-A’s and I think it is because of my interests, work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. This was a great read.
  • College Note Taking Tips: Check out Abigail’s excellent tips on taking notes. Her notes are so pretty and organized and her tips are just what I needed to get prepared for this upcoming semester.
  • 5 Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Bullet Journal: I have a little confession – I am a journal addict. I am not usually able to fill them up and have probably 20+ of them that are halfway filled. However, bullet journals are super popular right now and I was thinking about trying one or two out – one for blogging and one for self-care/personal goals so this was such a great time to find this post.

Blog Life, Life

I have been working a lot behind-the-scenes when it comes to blogging so expect to see more posts in the upcoming weeks. Last week I was able to post this Naturel Commodity Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Review and of course a Flashback Friday’s post. I realized that sometimes when I am typing my fingers go so fast that the keyboard gets warm… hot even. It is actually happening right now as I type this out lol.

My goal is to post 3-5 times a week so I am slowly working my way up there. Since school is starting in a few weeks I do have a couple of college posts that are in the works so keep your eyes open for those. I have a couple of product reviews that I am working on as well – wish me luck!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading – let me know how you got here. Did someone tell you to come check out the blog? Let me know in the comments as I would love to thank them (and you) xo

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