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Welcome to Flashback Friday’s!! *rubs eyes* Is it really Friday… already?

Not that I am complaining or anything, but it is really crazy that it is Friday already. I am super happy that the weekend is here because I feel like this was just one of those long weeks that were never going to end. I know some of you can relate to that. I have one more week of school next week + an exam I have been dreading before my Spring Break. I took off from work that week as well because I just need to relax and do some fun things but I will talk about that later! Read below to see what I was up to this week!

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College Life

I can’t wait for Spring Break! I had one exam to do last weekend for my online class and I have another exam next week – super nervous about it but going to study every day until it the information is really stuck in there. I’m already having dreams about it – yikes! Wish for my brain cells y’all. Please and thank you.

Blog Life

I only wrote one post on about International Women’s Day, but I did write a couple of posts on I wrote about some of my favorite weight loss posts which was fun. I also wrote about my favorite diabetic-friendly snacks and my current exercise routine. During spring break I will be working on a lot of posts for this month and next month but for now take a look at what I have written and let me know what you think!

Life, Life

Although life has been pretty crazy lately – I did have a nice time this week with family. One of my cousins that I haven’t seen in forever came here to celebrate his graduation. It was good conversation, good food and a good time! I also met some of my relatives that I have never met before – that was really cool! The older generations on my moms side are all about genealogy and it is making me want to do a DNA background test even more! It is really amazing that I am alive today based on what my ancestors went through! I want to look more into my dad’s side because I don’t really know much about it – but I will let you know what I find!

Work Life

WOO. I am so happy that I actually enjoy my job. When I’m not at my regular job I’m doing my freelance/side hustles – blogging, freelance writing, social media tasks and so on. I am actually happy that I haven’t had too much to do with the freelance work lately because I have been so busy with school work. It has been a good balance but I do want to find a couple of clients to work for consistently to increase my income.

Well, now that you read about my week – I would love to hear about yours. Tell me about it in the comments.

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