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Welcome to another edition of Flashback Fridays. I hope that this post finds you doing well and excited for the weekend.

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This week has been eventful yet somehow relaxing at the same time compared to last week. I was glad that things sort of slowed down for me yet I was able to get a lot accomplished and had more fun days than blah days.

Last week I was extremely busy with school work as I did my part in wrapping up a final group project. At work things were a little crazy as well as I worked more hours and days than usual in order to make a deadline.

This week I was able to get together with family a few times and enjoy my time with then. From shopping & dinners to arcade games and catching up on our favorite shows together including Project Runway.

We are 1 week into October and I feel like if I blink Christmas will be here in no time. I am wanting to get so many things accomplished this month yet take it slow. I will have to somehow find balance in there somewhere.

I wasn’t able to get as much leisure reading in as I had hoped this week, however, I was able to check out some magazines while I was sitting in a waiting room waiting for a family member. Of course I chose the fashion ones to look through first.

Normally offices only have older issues so I was shocked and excited to find the October Issue of VOGUE featuring Lupita on the cover. I devoured each and every page – taking in all of the fall fashion and reading as many of the articles as I could muster.

Fashion magazines have been my escape and happy place for as long as I can remember. They sparked my interest in fashion design & marketing/advertising. Even though I never went into those fields they continue to be things I am passionate about.

Random fact: I once stopped by the Art Institute of Atlanta because I was interested in a degree in Fashion Design but at the time they didn’t have a degree available so I almost ended up in Advertising. The Adviser talked me out of it (sort of) by reminding me not to take something that would take years and $ out of my pocket that I may not be fully committed to. She was right – best advice ever.

I’m glad that I was able to go through the VOGUE and other fashion magazines. I feel inspired. I haven’t been feeling happy about myself and how I look lately and it shows in how I dress. I haven’t dressed up much since I left my Retail Store Manager position and I plan on changing that. I love clothes and fashion – this little magazine binge I had may be just what I needed.

It was a great week to make new memories and enjoy time with the people I care about. I hope that yours was great and if you are in one of the areas in the path of Mathew I hope that you are staying safe. Have a wonderful weekend!

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