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Aloha and thank you for stopping in. Life has really been kicking my ass lately so I’ll make this quick! Just a short little post about what I have been up to lately. Enjoy!

flashback fridays hertaintedlips

💗 I got a second job a couple months ago and even though I enjoy it my body does not. I feel exhausted all the time and all these long hours plus regular stress has led to continued health issues but I’m working on self care and getting in naps and meditation whenever possible.

💗 I finally bought myself flowers. My mood was instantly lifted and I am surprised that they have stayed alive for as long as they have. I plan on buying myself flowers much more often. I have them on my desk so I can look over at them as I work.

💗 I am at the home stretch when it comes to school. If I complete my two Senior Projects this semester I will be graduating in a little over a month. I am so excited yet scared out of my mind.

💗 I am in the process of packing so that I can move. The building I reside in got purchased by someone else so we need to be out of here by mid-may. Packing, moving and looking for a new place is pretty much a third job in itself. Somebody want to be my assistant and take care of this for me? I’ll pay you in unlimited hugs

So that’s about it. Nothing extremely exciting happening in my busy world but I appreciate you very much for stopping by to read. I hope you have a beautiful weekend and if you have been meaning to do something nice for yourself please do it! ASAP!

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