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Thank you for stopping by for another Flashback Friday’s. I hope that you had a wonderful week and that this new month is treating you well. As you can see by the title of this post – I am a bit over this whole adulting thing please. Is there any way that I can return to sender somehow? HALP.

As I mentioned last week, Mercury Retrograde has already started playing with me. Even though I joke (a little) about how things seem to get turned upside down during this time – it ain’t a joke. Nope. Nope. Nope. Continue reading for more reasons why I want adulting to end.

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This is a new semester for me – only a couple of weeks in and I feel like everything that could go wrong *gulps* is going wrong. Nothing too crazy to do with actual homework, studying and so on has really happened since last week.The issue is that my financial aid appeal process is taking longer than usual and I was having some problems with getting the textbooks I needed as well. Most of these issues should smooth over within the next week, however, the waiting and anticipation is driving me banana’s. I just have to take deep breaths in and out and remember that everything is working out in divine timing.

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Aside from school “issues” I had a major freak out during the week. Since last weekend my phone charger has been acting wonky – it wasn’t charging as fast as usual and eventually I noticed the cord was a little wobbly. No problem. I have an extra cord.

Unfortunately I forgot to switch it out, my phone died overnight and I ended up being late to work. I have been using the alarms on my phone for awhile now (ever since my actual alarm broke) but been meaning to purchase a new alarm clock “just in case.” Well guess who went out and purchased a new alarm clock that very same day.

Side note: allergy pills make me very drowsy so I didn’t naturally wake up until way later than usual. o.O

So those are just a few of the not so fun things that happened during this week of adulting. Can someone please take this adulting thing back? I don’t think I was prepared lol.

I have been meditating a lot lately so that I stay grounded because it seems like every little thing has been bothering me lately. I hope that the weeks ahead are going to be more positive and that things really do work out better. Now I am off to work on our research project for school. Have a wonderful weekend.

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