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Life, Life

Not sure why but I have been listening to Drake nearly every day this week. This particular album gets me pumped.

If I die, I’m a legend.

I haven’t been doing anything overly exciting to report but this weekend is my brother’s birthday so I will be having a lot of family fun time over the weekend. I’m sure it will include movies, music, good food, laughs and more. Nothing wrong with that!

School & Work Life

Now that school officially starts for me next week there are going to be a lot of changes happening in my life including my work schedule. I will be working less days (and hours) which is fine because I will need that time for studying and working on school projects. It also means that I have more time to work on my business and projects. I am actually super excited about that.

One thing I am working on is creating a “work” schedule for my side hustling. I get distracted fairly easily at times so I have to schedule things in smaller blocks. I am still trying to figure out if I should do more days with less blocks or less days with more blocks. I’m going to test out my first “schedule” next week and see how it goes.

One thing that is driving me bonkers is our WiFi. With school and work done primarily online I need to have WiFi that I can rely on. I am thinking about getting a stick so that I always have a backup when needed.

Side Hustler Tips & Resources:

Blog Life

Per usual, a lot of behind the scenes things have been going on with my blogging. I am changing my blog task schedule to fit better with what I am trying to accomplish by 2017. I am excited about what I have been doing and the things that I have planned for the near future.

Things I enjoyed this week:

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