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I have been waiting for this Friday for a couple of months! Next week is officially my Spring Break and I actually took off from work so I can have an actual break! WOO HOO. Go me! I had some ideas about things to do next week but we shall see what I actually end up doing.

So… welcome to Flashback Friday’s – the post where I sum up what happened during the week. It was a pretty boring week actually and flew by quickly like last week!

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College Life

So I had 1 exam this week and I still have a paper due this weekend that I am in the process of working on – no pressure. I am glad that the exam I had is over and this week was mostly spent in lectures doing some reviews for when we come back from Spring Break. I will be taking time out every day next week to review things and my plan is to get ahead with assignments and papers so when we get back to class the following week I will have less on my plate to do. Wish me luck!

Blog Life

Like I said last week, I am going to spend a bit more time writing blog posts than normal. I have been so focused on school lately that everything else really got behind. I do have some great blog post ideas for here as well as a few for so stay tuned.

Life, Life

I have no life… ok… I do… but it has been consumed by school work. I have been so exhausted lately from late night study sessions. So much so that two days in a row I came home from work/school and just passed out for a couple hours. I got some exciting news though… my BFF let me know when her wedding is going to be so I am going to start planning that trip ASAP. I can’t wait!

I was looking forward to eating some yummy food and hanging out with family on St. Patrick’s day but I didn’t have the time or the energy to do it – but Easter is coming and that is always an exciting time with family. Speaking of family, my little nephew is growing up so fast. Got to give him some kisses and hugs – his giggles and smiles brightened my day.

Work Life

I got some cool news from the bosses last night about some things that we will be working on in the future. I am happy to be part of something that continues to expand and try different things. I have always wanted to work for a company where I could grow with them and offer the skills that I have as well. It has been a good balance so far and I look forward to what is ahead.

How was your week? Do anything exciting? Have a flashback friday’s type of post on your blog? Link it in the comments!

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