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Life has been… interesting lately.
About a month ago I started having car issues. Slowly different things were found to be the culprit and were fixed but we still have some issues that need to be looked into. This has lead me to getting a bus pass for the first time in over 5 years.

Instead of coming and going as I please, I have to rely on the bus. I don’t have a problem riding the bus, however, the time it takes travelling and waiting for a transfer bus cuts into time that could be spent doing other things like sleeping, blogging, writing my two Senior Project papers and so on. It has been such an inconvenience that I have found myself near tears dreading the long bus adventures.

Actually riding the bus is a different story. I see a lot of interesting people and get to view the city instead of focusing on driving. It has actually inspired me to get out and go do more things (even though the introvert in me is saying “stay home and read a book”) – I actually went to walk around the mall and browse in Barnes & Noble. I didn’t have to worry about driving around the parking lot for 10 minutes trying to find a parking stall.

I have decided that even if/when I get my car fixed, I am going to catch the bus a couple times a month to go on some adventures. I’m only going to stay in my area (Honolulu) and Waikiki/Ala Moana – but this has actually been a good change (for the most part) – but pray we figure out what is wrong with my car because I miss her dearly.

Blog Life
I have been very productive behind the scenes when it comes to blogging tasks. I have been more organized and actually been working on these 50+ drafts that have been sitting there waiting for some action. I plan on posting at least 2-4 times on every blog that I contribute to and I feel like I am off to a good start. I have a bunch of posts scheduled to post within the next couple of weeks so let’s see how I continue to stay consistent with everything else going on in my life.

Work Life
Nothing new to report. Still enjoy my job. It has came with more challenges mostly in the form of us being busier. I have been looking for a second part time job (possibly for evening/weekend) – but with the car issues that has been a bit difficult since public transit adds 1-2 hours of travel time usually. So trying to increase my side hustle and Avon income more instead since that is something I don’t necessarily have to travel for (as often) – wish me luck.

College Life
We are in week 2 of a new semester. I feel good about this semester and I think if I continue to stay on top of everything I will do great and not stress out (too much) this semester. I’m happy that I only have to physically go to my school once a week. Since I am doing 2 Senior Projects it required a lot of writing which is actually good for me because it is forcing me to write something daily – a habit I have been trying to have for quite sometime. This should help me not only with school and freelance work but also with my blogging. I consider that a major win.

I hope that you all are doing well and have a great weekend. Thank you again for stopping in to read about what I have been up to this week.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything exciting happen for you this week? Let us know in the comments!

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