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Job Hunting Like A Boss

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Job hunting can be exciting and draining all at the same time. When you have been unemployed for more than a couple of months it can be terrifying. I read stories all the time about people struggling with their job hunt even if there are “so many jobs available.” Sometimes the jobs that are available are simply not what we are looking for and we often have to settle for a job until we get the job that we desire.

job hunting like a boss

I recently wrote about my rocky transition from working full time into part time work while finishing my Bachelor’s Degree. In the past couple of weeks I have been pushing harder to get a job that I enjoy doing and brings me the income I desire. Some people think that I am being picky, however, I know myself and know what I am capable of. I know what my worth is and that if I treat my job hunting like I am the boss of it I will succeed.

Boss Lady
Since I was 18, every job that I have had has led to a promotion. I have 10+ years of Supervisor and/or Management experience and always enjoyed the new challenges that I was presented with. I am taking job hunting on as a challenge and that makes it more exciting for me to do. I think about the tasks that need to be completed and how to “manage” them in order to make them work in my favor.

At my last job a lot of my team would call me “Boss” or “Boss Lady” and it would always make me feel proud. Sure, a lot of times they would joke at me “Yes, Boss” but most of the time it was because I was a good boss (their words, not mine.) I was the “cool” boss but I also had expectations and they knew when I was serious and meant business. So I have decided that I am gonna be that boss lady and do what needs to be done to find a great.

“I’m a hustler baby, I just want you to know. It’s not where I’ve been, It’s where I’m bout to go.” – Jay-Z
If you asked anyone that is close to me you would discover that I am a bit of a workaholic. It can be a good thing at times because I push through to get things done. It can also be a bad thing because if you push yourself too much you end up facing burnt out. If I start something though, I always intend on giving it my all and completing it. I have learned, the hard way, that sometimes you have to do a little at a time to prevent from being overwhelmed. I also have an entrepreneurial spirit so my job hunting looks a little different than others. I have always branched out and found ways to make money aside from my regular jobs. I have been an AVON lady, sold items on ebay and, did home office work for people and I have found online opportunities to make extra money as well. When you have a job you can always carve out some time to start a side hustle so that when/if you no longer have a steady income you have a way to make some money.

At the moment I am looking for a Mon-Fri job but I am also looking for jobs that I can do from home that utilize my skills. I wish everyone the best of luck if they are out there looking for a new job or even a job in general. Don’t give up!

Treating “any old job” as if it were your dream job, is the fastest way to spark the kind of life changes that will yield your dream job.
Same for any old house, friend, day, life, or pair of espadrilles.
The Universe

How I Job Hunt Like A Boss
+ I currently have a lot of time on my hands so I spend the majority of my day doing things that will get me closer to getting a job: networking, job hunting, applying for jobs and finding different streams of income. I do it in chunks but a large majority of my time goes into looking for a job.
+ Type out a list of all of my skills and added them to my profile’s on career websites as well as used them as keywords when job hunting.
+ Updated my Monster profile: added a profile picture, updated information, added my blog and other online projects under my experiences. My profile had not been updated for nearly 5 years because I was with my old company and not looking for another job at the time.
+ Updated my LinkedIn profile: added a profile picture, added my blog and other online projects under my experiences and “connected” with friends, family members and old co-workers. I seriously think this website is not utilized to its full potential. My profile sat dormant for who knows how long but I am discovering all the wonderful things I can do with it. It is a great social networking site and if you don’t have an account (or yours is just sitting there) I think you should check it out and create a profile.
+ Updated my profile on CareerBuilder
+ Downloaded the Craigslist app on my phone so I can search for jobs/gigs on the go and have notifications of new posts come directly to my phone.
+ Added some of my services to Fiverr.
+ Used the network I already have of friends, family and associates to get the word out for what I am looking for.
+ Set reminders/notifications on my phone so that I get a nudge to “apply for 2 more jobs”, “check status of application at ____” or “add a gig on Fiverr.”
+ Updated my resume.

Where to look for jobs
** Craigslist – When I lived in Georgia I found a job through there that I absolutely loved. You can also post your services there.
** Facebook – you can search for jobs, job fairs, job communities (in your profession/experience)
** LinkedIn – search and connect with others to expand your network
** Monster – easy way to search for local jobs
** Local Newspapers – you are able to find a lot of them online or if you don’t have a subscription as a friend, family member, neighbor or go to the library
** Bulletin boards – apartment complex’s, schools, grocery stores, rec centers and so many other places have bulletin boards with jobs or gigs on them. You can also advertise your services.
** University website for on-campus jobs

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Do you have any job hunting tips you would like to include? Let us know in the comments.

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