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Since I decided recently that I am really going to take blogging more seriously I thought it would be a good idea to set some blogging goals. I am not going to be too strict on myself because I still want to be able to enjoy blogging. Aside from Job Hunting Like A Boss, working on my blog is important to me because I get to do some of the things I love most: writing, networking and sharing with others.

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So I present to you the mock version of my blogging goals. I may add to this in the future.

Goal 1: Post more frequently
Most non-bloggers would be surprised to know that at any time I have 20+ post ideas and/or drafts happening behind the scenes. Unfortunately, sitting down and putting a blog post together is not always an easy task. For me, when I start a draft I usually come up with 2-5 other ideas as I am writing so I often have to stop and write it down on my notepad or start up a new draft or even just type out a catchy title. My goal is to develop more blog posts and publish them at least 2-5 times a week. Participating in NaBloPoMo has really got me in the writing mood and I hope to carry the habit of writing a post a day into the following months. Make sure you check out my NaBloPoMo Posts.

Goal 2: Organize/schedule my blogging tasks
Not having a regular 9-5 + not being in school at the moment leaves me with a fairly flexible schedule. This can be great because I can shift things around as I please, however, it can also lead to me not doing a specific set of tasks in order to get what I need done. Every Sunday I sync my Google calendar, paper calendar, ToDoist account & notepad and that has been helpful but I need to take a couple hours out of everyday to do a little tweaking to my schedule.

Goal 3: Organize my blog
This month I am participating in the Be a Better Blogger Challenge and this months topic is Clean Up Your Blog’s Categories. At the moment my category list keeps growing (currently at 14) and I would like to cut it down by at least a couple. Using tags helps a little because with tags I can be a little more specific.

Goal 4: Networking/increase readership
I have been blogging off and on since the late 90’s but I have never stayed in one place for very long so I know people that read my posts in the 90’s are probably not the ones reading them now. I don’t plan on leaving this domain anytime soon and would love to be able to share with many more people so I am working on finding new readers while hopefully keeping the ones that I already have 🙂

These are my general goals for the blog that I have right now.

Read my update here: Update: My Blogging Goals

What are some blogging goals that you have set? If you have them posted on your blog leave a url to your blog goals.
And if you are a non-blogger what are some personal goals you have set?

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