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It really is amazing how long American Idol has been on television. I am almost in disbelief that this season will be its last. I keep thinking that at the finale they are going to announce that they are actually going to go just… one… more… season. But I have a feeling they really are going to close the curtains and say goodbye. Knowing that this is the end got me thinking to what my favorite American Idol performances were.

For the first 5+ years I would tune in to see my “favorites” every week and vote for them in hopes that they would make it to the next round. I even had a couple of people that I knew through friends and family that went to auditions here in Hawaii (you can see one of the video’s below.) So here are my favorite American Idol Performances (in no particular order.)

Favorite American Idol Performances

Fantasia Barrino – I Believe

This was one of my all time favorite American Idol performances because it was so full of emotion. I felt like I was in church listening to someone’s testimony. It was so touching and powerful. Even through those tears she proved why she deserved that winning spot. *drops mic*

Sing it Tasia:

Kris Allen – Heartless

I loved Kris and after he did this performance, it really sealed the deal for me. He went from trailing behind and being boosted straight into the winner’s circle. His rendition of this Kanye hit was unexpected but done so well.

Check Kris out:

Adam Lambert – Tracks of My Tears

Why Adam didn’t win… ok… not gonna go there. But this version… really people. Adam is a PERFORMER and I was so happy that he did not go overboard with this. [Side note:I don’t see it as overboard, but ya know… American Idol]. There was just enough tenderness in it and I know others enjoyed seeing this side of him. It was a beautiful performance.

Please… let Adam entertain you:

William Hung – She Bangs

So… I remember the exact moment that I was watching this episode. I was sitting in the nail shop getting a pedicure after work. The nail shop wasn’t too busy but there were enough customers and nail technicians there that it felt like we were having a viewing party. When William Hung was being interviewed all I could think to myself was… this… should… be… interesting. I just knew regardless of how great (or horrible) his voice was about to be – Simon was going to grill him. Boy was I right. When William started singing and “banging” around everyone in the nail shop literally stopped what they were doing and stared – I am guessing saying to themselves “is he for real?” – and at the end nearly all of us starting laughing so hard. And along came Simon with his sassy response. I was laughing because it was funny but also because that man was passionate about what he was doing – I thought it was adorable. When Simon chimed in I felt bad, but I still giggled a little. His audition is probably one of my favorite American Idol moments.

Watch William Hung perform Rick Martin’s ‘She Bangs’:

Candice Glover – Lovesong

I really love(this)song [see what I did there?] Unfortunately, so many people have attempted to sing it and failed… miserably. Until Candice gave it life again. Her smooth and jazzy rendition really put me in the feels and I simply do not understand how she is not FAMOUS after that performance. I mean… come on… Mariah Carey went on stage and tossed glitter at her!! Randy Jackson said it was “one of the greatest performance’s in the HISTORY” of American Idol. Come on people. I think I voted for her the most out of any American Idol contestant.

Check Ms. Candice out:

Jessica Sanchez – And I Am Telling You

This young woman had such a big voice coming out of that petite body. Keep in mind she was just 16 years old. She was singing like a grown ass woman. *ahem* It is like she swallowed a soul singer and they are trying to escape her.

Jessica tells you that you’re gonna love her:

Jessica Sanchez – Dance With My Father

If you don’t get the feels hearing her sing this… something is wrong with you. Seriously. I could just write a whole post about Jessica Sanchez on American Idol… maybe I will… ok… no I won’t. But really… she just has a natural talent.

Hearing her sing is really inspirational and you hear her speak – she has some wisdom in her even as a teenager. After I finish this post I need to look up what she has been up to lately. She deserves the best.

Grab some tissues and get in your feelings:

Anoop Desai – Thank You

This was totally unexpected and I laugh every time I hear Simon talking about Anoop’s clothes and totally dismissing his vocal ability. Simon had to find something to say so he didn’t have to immediately admit that he liked what he heard. I liked some of Anoops other performances and really love some of the music he put out but his audition was really great in my opinion. Also… I cannot confirm/deny that I may have had a little crush on him.

Anoop Dawg:


Let me say this… I know Isaac… he is a family friend. As far as the person in that audition… I only sorta know him. Ha! I have heard Isaac sing in person – and he is way better than what he sounds like in the audition. Even in the audition he wasn’t as horrible as some people are but that is besides the point. I just found it hilarious that he went out and tried to bring back some “fans” – that actually seems like something he would do – American Idol or not. I loved that he stood up for himself to the very end and didn’t care what anyone else thought.

Isaac’s confidence is what makes his audition one of my favorite American Idol performances:

Bonus: Local Girl, Paula Fuga

I put Paula in here because she is from Hawaii… and… because she has a lovely, soulful voice. Even though she didn’t make it past this audition on American Idol, she did end up with people that appreciated her vocal ability.

Here is Paula’s audition:

Here is Paula Fuga performing ‘Country Road’ with Jack Johnson:

Lastly, Paula Fuga at TEDxMaui speaking about being homeless in Hawaii as a child and reaching her dreams:

After reading about my favorite American Idol performances, what are YOUR favorite American Idol performances?

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