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Which way was better: getting all of our news at a single point or two in the day, or the birth of the 24/7 news cycle, with news being reported all day long?

In general I think the twice a day (morning and evening) broadcast should have been the stopping point. You get the important information you need in the morning and then updates and information on new events in the evening. Anything that happens after the evening news will most likely be on the morning news so that is how the cycle goes. National or global coverage of important events usually crept in while you were in the middle of watching your favorite series.

How much is TOO much?
With the 24/7 news cycle it just seems like too much. When I go to watch a streaming broadcast I come out feeling exhausted and overwhelmed because so much information is shoved in at once. You don’t know where to focus – the images or people in the broadcast? The reporter(s) commentary? The words streaming across the bottom? And sometimes you go there to watch one thing and get so caught up you end up sitting there for an hour or longer and walk away filled with far too much information than every wished to know.

Too much stimulation, especially when it is negatively-powered is extremely unhealthy. When it is streaming 24/7 if you fall asleep watching it and end up waking up to it I doubt that is a good way to start your day. I like knowing that after I got what I needed out of the evening news can turn it off at any time during the broadcast. Live streaming tempts me to keep watching so that I don’t miss anything. So give me the morning & evening news. The rest of the hours of the day can be spent doing other things.

Confession: I do not watch the news very often. In fact, I tend to use Twitter as a news source and only watch the news on tv a couple of times a week if ever. By using Twitter as a news source I can get the information I need quick and easy at any time of day or night.

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When it comes to the news, how much do you think is too much?

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