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Aloha! Welcome to another Flashback Friday! I hope that you had a wonderful week and that this post finds you in good spirit. If you are new here Flashback Friday’s is my way of wrapping up what I have been up to during the week – from online shenanigans to my regular shmegular life. I really appreciate you for stopping in to read about what I have been up to this week and would love to know what you have been up to as well – so feel free to leave a comment or say hello on Twitter.

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Life, Life

Last weekend was extremely productive for me. I worked on my Avon business, cleaned and purged a bunch of items in my home and was able to write and schedule a bunch of blog posts. I feel so extremely proud of everything that I was able to accomplish. I am trying to get as many things done this summer as I possibly can because once school starts back up I know I will have to adjust my schedule significantly to make time for homework, papers, projects and so on. I’m glad that I have had this time to work on things that have been lingering on my to-do list forever.

I have a lot of fun things that I have on my summer to-do list which includes pursuing things that I am passionate about. I won’t go into any details at the moment but I will for sure share it with y’all as I get things done so come back and visit and make sure you subscribe so you know when a new post is published!

As I have mentioned before, life has been pretty hectic and I am slowly feeling all the anger, hurt, frustration and confusion slowly calming down. With that being said, I realize I have been having a sort of quarterlife crisis. I know what I want to do with my life – the main thing seems to be helping people. In what capacity? I think that is wherein the issue lies. I have been doing a lot of praying and meditating on this lately because I feel like I need guidance.

Show me where to go and what to do Universe!!

I am nowhere in the place I would like to be/think I should be at my current age but I am willing to take any extra steps necessary to get there. I think this year (2016 and this new year of my life) is really a time for growth and exploration for me. I am out here testing the waters and really listening to my inner voice. Of course you are all welcome to join me on this journey and if I have any epiphanies I will be sure to share it!

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I recently watched Laura from iheartplanners youtube video How to Find Your “Thing” and I really enjoyed it because as a blogger and entrepreneur I am always thinking about what my “thing” is – unfortunately, I tend to always have a bunch of “things” that I want to pursue. I like how she shared how she got to where she was and I hope to get there one day as well.

Watch the video below:

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did!

Blog Life

So as I mentioned above, I was able to get a lot of blogging tasks done last weekend. I am really proud of myself and so happy that it didn’t feel like “work” as much as play. Sometimes all the things that come with being a blogger can get you down or feel tedious but I really enjoyed myself and hope that I have many more days, months and years of this type of enjoyment and motivation when it comes to blogging.

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How was your week? What have you been passionate about lately? Have you found your “thing”? Let me know in the comments.

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