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This post is sponsored by Scentbird perfume subscription and I received a commission in exchange for collaborating with them. All opinions expressed are my own. If you would like more information please refer to my disclosure policy.

If you are like me – you have a collection of perfumes and scented body sprays. I tend to always purchase the same scents over and over, however, I also want to be able to try other fragrances as well. Sometimes I want to step out of my comfort zone and try a new fragrance but do not want to commit to purchasing a full bottle of it. When I heard about Scentbird, I just had to try it out.

Scentbird perfume

Scentbird is a monthly subscription for perfume lovers. Scentbird perfume subscription gives you access to 400 designer brands that you can try every month for just $14.95. For the monthly subscription price you receive a 30-day supply of the perfume you choose.

If you’re not sure about picking a perfume, Scentbird makes that easy for you. They use a Truscentâ„¢ perfume algorithm that will reveal the scents that are perfect for you. When you first sign up it asks about scents you currently enjoy and goes through a huge database of what they call “scent profiles” to find suggestions for you. From the suggestions, you can pick the one that you would like to receive for the month and they will ship it to you.

These are the fragrance suggestions that Scentbird gave me based on my preferences. I decided to try the first one listed Givenchy Very Irresistible Sensual which is described as “A seductive blend of a bouquet of various roses, star anise, patchouli, and vanilla. The creamy scent is housed in a beautiful purple bottle.”

Scentbird Perfume Suggestions

You can choose one of the suggestions or you can also pick something else that you think you would enjoy. If you know for sure which ones you are interested in you can build your queue (which can also be re-arranged if you change your mind about which fragrance you want to receive.) They also offer gift sets and subscriptions for men as well.

If you’re worried about not liking a particular fragrance – don’t you worry your pretty little self – Scentbirds allows you to try new fragrances every month without committing to a full bottle. Or if you’re like me, sometimes you are in a certain “scent mood” for awhile and it changes – with a different scent every month you get to try out different scents without having to splurge on a full size bottle. A girl has got to have options!

Thousands of women love Scentbird because it gives access to the best fragrances without breaking the bank. $14.95 a month is such a great deal for the opportunity to try out a new fragrance. They also offer you the opportunity to get a month for free by purchasing a month for a friend. Isn’t that great?

I hope that you found the Scentbird perfume subscription as exciting as I did. I am so excited to go and fill up my queue of new fragrances. I know some friends and family members that are going to love hearing about this as well.

Added bonus: They are currently running a great offer. If you give a free month to your friend, you get a free month when they subscribe. Click here for more information.

Check out Scentbird today and let me know what your favorite scent suggestion is. Are you into oriental, woody, fresh or floral notes? Let me know in the comments.

Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you decide to purchase something featured here. This commission will be invested back into as well as help me buy a cheap bottle of wine or some Starbucks. For more information please read our disclosure page.

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