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This post is a review of Luv Michael’s Originola Granola. I was given a free sample of their granola in exchange for my honest review. All comments are my own.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post about enjoying some Originola Granola from Luv Michael. I initially was just going to try a couple bites but I ended up eating nearly half the package because it was good – I write more about that below.

luv michael originola granola

Luv Michael’s Mission
Luv Michael’s mission is to provide meaningful vocational training for the autistic population and to produce exceptional gluten-free and natural products.

Luv Michael educates, trains and employs individuals with autism. Every bag of Luv Michael Originola Granola is hand mixed in small batches and packed with LUV by individuals with autism.

Luv That!
Most of you know I am doing a double concentration in Psychology and Sociology and I am always excited about people and companies that are doing good for others. Especially when it comes to people that may be disabled, disadvantaged and so on. I love that Luv Michael gives opportunities to the Autistic Community. It really is a beautiful thing.

Back to the granola…

Let me just tell you that this granola was the most delicious granola that I have ever had in my life – and trust me – I have tried a lot of granola. I love granola. I eat it plain, I eat it mixed in yogurt, I eat it with milk and so on. This granola was goooooooooood.

I tried Luv Michael’s Originola Granola dry and straight out of the package. It was crunchy – but chewy, full of flavor and just sweet enough to make me feel like I was indulging on a sweet treat. I loved the cranberries and raisins mixed with the oats and the lovely hint of maple and vanilla. I almost forgot I was eating granola and thought I was eating a cookie.

I would buy this granola by the pounds and give it away as gifts to friends and family members as well. That is how much I enjoyed this granola. If you love granola like I love granola I promise you that you will not only enjoy it – you will come back for more again and again.

For more information about the company, their mission and their delicious granola visit

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