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Ideas for single women on valentines day
Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, which means places during the day (nail salons & hair salons) and evening (movies, bars and restaurants) are going to be busier than usual. If you are single and not interested in being out there with the craziness there are other ways to enjoy your day. It is not too late to plan some indoor activities for yourself and/or your other single friends. Being single on Valentine’s Day is not an issue! Here are some ideas to begin with.

Girls Night In Ideas

Get together with with a group of your other friends that are also single on Valentine’s Day. Each person can provide a snack, beverage or cups/utensils. You can have girl talk, play games like Cards Against Humanity, or any other card or board game that one of you own. And of course chick flicks are always a great option.

Plan a Skype or FaceTime date with a friend or family member that you haven’t been able to connect with in a while.

Offer to cook someone a meal or bake them something special. The elderly woman that lives down the hall may be single on Valentine’s Day and would probably appreciate something from your recipe box.

Organize. Pour a glass of wine or shake up a margarita and clean out your closet, desk, laptop or whatever else you have been putting off lately. You can do it on your own or with friends. We all have that one friend that likes to organize and re-decorate things.

Sometimes being single on Valentine’s Day just means more time for YOU. If you’re more into spending time alone there are a lot of things you can do as well.:

Grab a good book, light some candles and prepare a soothing bubble bath.

Write. If you journal, kick your feet up, snuggle in and write your heart out. If you have a blog, write a blog post or work on some of those drafts that you have been avoiding. You can even write about your thoughts on being single on Valentine’s Day.

Watch something. Between cable, Hulu, Netflix & YouTube (or PornHub if that floats your boat) there are thousands of things for you to watch. Catch up on your favorite shows, watch a movie (or five) and snack on something delicious.

Take a nap or meditate. Use the day to just unplug & unwind.

WINE! Drink it… try a different one than you normally would.

Whatever you decide to do I hope that you enjoy yourself. You have a whole day to do a handful of things (or nothing at all if you choose).

Note: I am spending my Valentine’s Day watching my niece and nephew so that my sister & her husband can have a nice evening together. Movies, snacks and games are on our menu. Let me know what you have planned in the comments section.

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