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Social Media vs Traditional Media
Have there been events when you’ve turned to social media over traditional media or vice versa?
Social Media has really been the place that I turn to for most events. It just seems that I tend to get a lot more out of it and come out feeling more informed when I turn to Social Media instead of Traditonal Media. Based on what I have seen others say online I am not alone in feeling this way. People turn to Social Media when there are events happening so that they can be informed as well as to join in on any discussion that may be taking place.

Social Media vs Traditional Media
Even though I find Traditional Media to be a great resource, I do tend to use Social Media a lot more. These are just some of the reasons why I would turn to Social Media over traditional media:
+ It is live: I can get constant updates from people that are right there in the middle of what is going on. I don’t have to wait for a broadcast to go live because there are people sharing information, pictures and video clips right as things are unfolding. Sometimes people on Social Media can be at the same event as a major news outlet and Social Media is ahead in reporting by a couple of minutes.
+ It offers a personal perspective: As much as I enjoy a structured news broadcast, I also like to to know what is going on behind-the-scenes. Major news outlets are going to share with you what they feel at the moment is most important. Craig from down the street may give you some insight into things that may never make it past an overzealous reporter.
+ It sparks discussions: At any given moment on Social Media – particularly Twitter – there are discussions about what is happening in the news. By choosing Social Media to follow events you are given the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world and discuss what is happening.
+ It gives every story a chance to be heard: Every Social Media user has the opportunity to share events from around the world with others. With such a large global reach, events from around the world land on Twitter and spread like wild fire. Events that would normally get lost before it reached the evening news are shared and discussed by people around the world.

Choosing Traditional Media
When I do choose to go to Traditional Media for coverage of events it is usually because I want to watch live coverage such as jury decisions or political events. But even when that occurs I am usually using Social Media to participate in discussions during the event as well. I recently wrote about why I choose Twitter as a news source over most media outlets. Twitter is a huge social media platform and an excellent way to get information on current events. I will turn to Traditional Media to watch a live stream, however, it is very likely that I will also be using Social Media to supplement it.

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2 comments on “Social Media vs Traditional Media”

  1. I definitely get 90% of my news from Twitter and Facebook, but it’s not something I feel guilty about because I check my sources and before commenting or sharing the story, I try to fact-check as much as possible. My mom is an avid watcher of mainstream news and whenever she tries to share a news story with me, almost always I’ve read about it already on social media. I don’t ever think that TV news will fade out of existence, but I do think the way in which the news is broadcast is changing.


    • This is how I get my news Twitter> Google Search> Facebook> Everything else ha ha ha. I check sources out too so I totally understand where you are coming from. I don’t want to share something that doesn’t have at least a couple of different legitimate sources backing it. I don’t think TV news will completely go away but I agree, the way things are broadcast is definitely changing.

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