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I have been thinking a lot about weddings and anniversaries lately because so many people in my life recently got married, are getting married soon or are celebrating a wedding anniversary. Spring time is a lovely time of year and I know a lot of people like to enjoy this new season with a new commitment to their partner. The weather is usually fairly nice so I can see why so many people decide to get married during these months. In fact the beginning of next month I am attending one of my friends wedding and I am so excited. Remind me that I still need to buy a dress for her wedding.

Anywho, little known fact about me is that I sometimes make handmade greeting cards. I have thought about starting a little business one day when I get really good at it. I like to personalize them for people close to me and just enjoy doing it. Usually I write my own words in them, but I have been searching for quotes lately – for inspiration as well as to use. Here are a few of my favorite wedding anniversary quotes that I found on

To keep your marriage brimming


The best thing

A wedding anniversary

If you would like more anniversary quotes make sure you check out

Do you have any favorite wedding anniversary quotes?

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