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flashback fridays
Welcome to another Flashback Friday!! I hope you had a wonderful week. Mine was a little bumpy but nothing that I couldn’t handle. I ended up with an earache this week which made me feel miserable and not want to do anything but curl up in a ball. Being a grownup is hard sometimes – you can’t always stay home and get your Mommy to take care of you. You have to push through sometimes and go to work – so I did. Unfortunately I haven’t been getting a good nights rest very much so I have been walking around like a zombie for awhile. Even though sometimes I can sneak in a nap I still feel really tired. Hopefully this weekend I can spend some extra hours snoozing so that my body really feels refreshed and ready for next week by Monday morning. I like to be alert and ready for the day when I have to work not dragging.

I really like my job – it can be tedious at times and a lot of information to take in but I am enjoying it. I am hoping that I am doing a good job (they haven’t gotten rid of me yet, so that is a good sign.) It is nice that I get to work from home a lot of the time and it is not as stressful as my old job was. I hope that I can stay and grow with them for awhile. Yay for me! It is actually a bit of a relief not being in charge anymore. I loved being a manager and training new people but sometimes it was too much going on but being the manager I couldn’t step back and take time whenever I pleased. So this has been a really great experience for me.

Besides working I have been trying to get my life more organized. I want to change my room around a bit and hopefully get a desk to put in there if I can find the space. I have been trying to get rid of things that I no longer use to make more space and I am also scanning as much paperwork as I can so that I can shred the hard copies so I have less paper mess as well. I have a lot of plans for how I want my life to run by the time I return to school and the more organized everything is the smoother the transition back should be.

I am super excited for this weekend because a couple of people close to me are graduating from college – including my sister. She is getting her Associate’s Degree and I am so proud of her. After the summer she is headed to Nursing school so in a few more years we get to celebrate with her again. This weekend is going to be full of a lot of celebrating and time with friends and family members. I hope that my body is ready for this because I know by Sunday I am gonna be full of joy but exhausted!

Any 2015 graduates out there? If so congratulations on all of your hard work!

How was your week? Anything exciting happen?
What do you have planned for the weekend?

Let me know in the comments

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