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Where do I even begin? Last year I was starting to pick up on my blogging and attempting to write and publish blog posts more consistently but life happened and all of my great plans and ideas came to a screeching halt.

I was wrapping up my final semesters of school, my Dad passed away and I was forced to get a second part-time job in order to afford living in Hawaii.

Needless to say I think about blogging and writing a lot. More so now than ever. I have so much to write and share but even during the times where I am not overwhelemed with different emotions or exhausted from working 12 hour days, I just can’t seem to put a post together.

I had some time off today and thought I would sit here and just write. Not even think about if any of this makes sense or where to put the sentences or paragraphs. Just write. Write because I love it. Write because it excites me.

Something that inspired me to write/blog again (more?) was somehow being off (between my two jobs) to catch the WriteStuff chat on Twitter – I haven’t been participating in twitter chats much lately or any social media really unless I have time while I lay around and try to get rest or just relax a little bit.

Another thing that inspired me was this Marie Forleo (one of my favorite people) youtube video with Sarah Jones about trusting your intuition and listening to that little voice. I choose to listen to that little voice.

Anywho, forgive the mess. I am back (sorta). Expect more random posts coming to you shortly. Summer time is my favorite time – beaches and bbq’s as well as my birthday coming up (July 10th). Thank you for hanging in there with me. I love you.

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