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Even though the holidays are supposed to be a generally happy time of year it seems like it can often be full of stress. Personally the stress of school, weird weather changes and previously pressure at work (I was once a Retail Store Manager) usually leads me to getting a cold and sometimes even the flu. My body just breaks down and says “Alright Rose. Time to rest.” But you can’t always get that rest because the world will continue to go on without you.

I usually try to take preventive measures – take more vitamins and supplements that boost my immune system, drink more water and attempt to get plenty of rest. Also – wash my hands and use hand sanitizer as often as I can without being obsessive. Sometimes even though most preventive measures do not always equate to remaining healthy but there are things that you can do even if you end up getting sick.

After travelling recently and the stress of my father passing away as well as everything else I ended up getting sick for about a week. Since I’m a professional at getting sick (but recovering quickly) here are some of my favorite tips for staying healthy during the holidays – including if you already have some type of bug in your system.

how to stay healthy during the holidays

Note: These are things that I personally do/use (not all at the same time) and this is NOT medical advice so please followup with your Doctor for more information about what may be suitable for you. Always read the packaging of any item you use in case you have allergies or are at risk for other side effects.

Staying Healthy During The Holidays – The Basics

+ Drink water. Stay hydrated.
+ Get plenty of rest. Your immune system will thank you.
+ Get some exercise in as often as you can because exercise can boost your immunity. If you are already sick check with your doctor first. Check out this awesome infographic on exercise, illness and your immune system. [You might enjoy: Exercise when sick: Should you sweat it out? Or rest and recover?]
+ Purchase a humidifier if you can.
+ Always have the following stocked up prior to getting sick so you don’t have to run to the store while sick: Cold/Cough and/or Flu Medicine (TheraFlu is my favorite but WalMart carries a generic version that works just as well), hand sanitizer or sani wipes, Ginger Ale, Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, face tissues (for home and pocket size for your purse), Vitamin C, Zinc, EmergenC and/or Airborne, canned broths or clear soups and applesauce.

Staying Healthy During The Holidays – Tips

+ Wipe everything down with your favorite germ killing sprays or wipes – tables, keyboards, door handles, sinks and so on. Anything where someone sick may have touched, breathed or sneezed on… WIPE IT DOWN
+ When in public – especially when travelling, wash your hands well and/or use hand sanitizer after touching door handles, shopping carts, bathroom stalls and so on. If I use a public restroom I will wash my hands, use a paper towel to open doors and often sanitize my hands again once I leave.
+ If you start getting stomach issues or a cold make a mix of Ginger ale, water, 1-2 tsps of Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and a little honey to sweeten (optional): I like to water my ginger ale down because of the carb content. If you don’t care for Ginger Ale you can also do 8 oz of water and 1-2 tsps of Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. I am actually drinking this as I write this and it has significantly kicked my cold recovery time.
+ Check out Tracys Fire Cider Recipe to really keep healthy during the holidays.
+ During holiday travel keep your hands clean at all times and avoid touching your face unless you have cleaned your hands first. If you have to touch handles or other places that others may have touched try to use a paper towel or tissue and always sanitize or wash your hands well. Take Airborne a day before travelling, the day of travelling and a day or two after travelling. When you plan on returning do the same thing – take the day before travelling, day of travelling and a couple days after.
+ If you are having what feels like the stomach flu (go to your doctor first for confirmation) and are ready to start eating do clear liquids and stick to the “BRAT” diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast). I like applesauce so I usually get unsweetened applesauce and put a little cinnamon if I feel I can have that added to it.
+ If you are sick – stay indoors if you can so that you don’t spread illness to others. And let others know it is okay to stay home if they aren’t feeling well too. Sometimes we get sick, spread it to someone else and then the vicious cycle continues. For colds the first couple of days is when we are most likely to spread the cold virus but we can be infectious for up to two weeks on average.
+ Wash your sheets, pillowcases and that blanket you keep snuggling with. If you can do fresh linens daily that would be excellent but if not try as often as you can and especially once you seem “cured” – wash everything!

What are your favorite ways to stay healthy during the holidays? Favorite remedies? Let us know in the comments.

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