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Save Time by Automating Social Media Posts
If you are like most people that use the internet you probably use social media in some shape or form. Whether you have a personal account, business account, or both you probably have at least a Facebook or Twitter page. You may also have a Google+, Linkedin or Pinterest page if that is your thing. If you are more than a casual social media user and want to save time, increase your traffic and/or following as well as engage your audience – this post is for you.

Social media management can be time consuming – especially for businesses or brands that need to keep their audience engaged. When products launch or relevant information must be shared social media is the perfect place to share. Unfortunately the time it takes to create social media posts and publish them can usually be spent doing other more important tasks such as brainstorming or creating new content. And often social media posts need to be posted at specific dates and times – nobody wants to have to run to their desk on Monday morning at 8:45 to make sure that a social media post is ready for posting at 9:00am. Scheduling posts ahead of time saves a lot of worry and time.

When it comes to social media management using an auto scheduler makes so much sense. With a social media scheduler you can schedule social media posts to go live at the date and time you would like them to. With a social media scheduler you can also schedule social media posts leading up to a product launch, contest or anything else and create a buzz surrounding it which can often lead to more purchases and audience engagement. Insert Postcron.

How to Automate Social Media Posts Using Postcron Hertaintedlips Pinterest Facebook Twitter hertaintedlips

Postcron helps you to schedule your posts for social media. Whether you are an individual or a business/brand, you can use Postcron to schedule social media posts on the following platforms:

+ Facebook
+ Twitter
+ Linkedin
+ Google+
+ Pinterest

How I use Postcron

I use Postcron mainly for Facebook and Twitter, however, I am going to start using it for the other platforms that are available as well. I am super excited that they recently added the option to schedule pins to Pinterest because that will save me a lot of time. If I log onto Pinterest I know I will be on there for awhile pinning my little heart out. Scheduling through Postcron while I am in work mode will allow me to get things done without getting distracted.

What I really like about Postcron is that not only can you pick a specific date and time you would like to schedule your social media posts as you create them – you also have the option to use predefined publishing times. By using predefined publishing times you can make sure that your social media posts always post on the days/times that you would like to post them. This saves a lot of time if you do not need something posted on a specific date and time but would like to share it on your social media profile. I usually like to schedule posts about 2-3 times a week depending on what is going on.

Setting up your account

When you go to the Postcron page you can login using either your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ Account. You can then connect all your other social media accounts to that particular profile. I have my personal Facebook (and the ones for my websites) connected as well as the different Twitter accounts that I manage. With the paid plans that they have available you can also have team members (amount of team members depents on the plan that you choose) but if you just want to try Postcron out you can use the free version and you still get a lot of great features.

postcron sign in with social media account hertaintedlips

Scheduling your first social media post

You can choose to schedule a social media post to one or more of the platforms that you have connected to your account. So say you are having a product launch and want to let people on Twitter and on Facebook know at the same time. You can choose those two accounts and create the social media post – these will post at the time that you schedule them. If you want to schedule the post on Twitter to go out at a certain time and the one to Facebook to go out at another time you can do that as well. It is super easy to create the posts and schedule them to fit your needs.

postcron choose social media account to post to hertaintedlips

postcron select the type of social media post you want to publish hertaintedlips

Google Chrome Extension

I recently installed the Google Chrome Extension and it is super cool and easy to use. You can pin the page that you are on at the moment without having to open another tab and logging into Postcron. It even automatically inserts the image for you if you want to share an image with it as well.

Postcron Google Chrome Extension Hertaintedlips

Bulk Uploader

Postcron can save you even more time when it comes to scheduling social media. By creating a spreadsheet with future social media posts you can have all your future social media posts uploaded at one time with Postcron‘s Bulk Uploader feature.

Watch this short video on how to create a spreadsheet with social media posts that can be published on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Add a watermark/image

If you have a Pro account and above you can also add a watermark/logo to your images when you upload directly in Postcron.

Postcron offers a free plan as well as paid plans that range from $9.99 to $99.99 depending on what your needs are.

The lovely people at Postcron offered me a 6-month upgrade to their Pro account in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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