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Hey there! Happy Friday! I can’t believe it is the last Friday of the month – my birthday month went by way too fast. One thing is for sure… I’m sure happy that it is the weekend!

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Life, Life

Last week I wrote about passions and having a quarterlife crisis. I think this quarterlife crisis deal may just last for a couple more years (or at least until I reach certain personal goals that I feel I need to reach by the time I am 40 years old.) I am working on really focusing on the things I am passionate about and not giving up so easily. I will keep you posted as I go along.

Speaking of passions…

Check out this video from Marie Forleo called How To Pursue All Your Passions Without Looking Flaky

This is the last weekend of July – wowza! Last weekend I had fun hanging out with family. I ended up at Walmart and Target getting different ideas for re-decorating my room as well as trying to figure out what school supplies I will need this semester.

I am taking mainly online classes this time around so I won’t need as many items as I usually do. I am hoping that will help once it is time to purchase my *cough* expensive *cough* textbooks. I haven’t even looked up the books I need just yet because I’m not ready to purchase them just yet. I have a few more weeks to put that off. HA!

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Blog Life

I have really been on a roll lately when it comes to working on blog posts. I hope that I don’t lose this momentum when school starts next month. Please wish me luck! I have a bunch of product review posts coming up and want to do more beauty and fashion posts as well. I am trying a different blogging schedule and it seems to be working better than before and it will work well once school starts back up again as well. I changed the way I do blog tasks and I am really liking the results that I am getting.

Posts I enjoyed this week:
+ Popcorn and wine pairings: 2 of my favorite things together! Oh yaaaassss!!!!
+ How to get sh*t done when you’re completely overwhelmed: I wish I had read this a year ago (and six months ago.)
+ If You Love Me, You Would…: When people manipulate relationships…
+ The Power of Small Wins: Of all the things that can boost inner work life, the most important is making progress in meaningful work.
+ 7 Questions Every Psych Major Is Tired of Hearing: Seriously! Just because I am a Psychology Major that doesn’t mean I am here just to give you free therapy sessions. lol

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I hope that you had a wonderful week and enjoy your weekend. Let me know what your plans are in the comments (or holler at me on Twitter) xo

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    • Thank you for stopping by Lisa and for your comment – I am trying to be a better blogger because I really enjoy this part of my life but I need to take it more seriously if I want to be successful. Good luck darling and I hope that you are having a great weekend.

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