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flashback fridays

Hey there! Thank you for stopping in and reading today. Welcome to another episode of Flashback Friday’s where I share with y’all about what I had going on during my week. I can’t believe I actually made it to Episode 10 without skipping any Fridays. This has probably been the only thing that I have actually been pretty consistent with when it comes to blogging. *WOO HOO* I was hoping that I would have been more successful with NaBloPoMo Posts this month but things do not always go as planned. And that is quite alright. I have been working on some drafts lately so next month there should be more of a variety of posts for y’all to read.

During the weekend my niece slept over so. It is always wonderful to spend time with her – she is growing up so fast. She sang songs from her favorite movies/shows as well as got me to watch over 2 hours of My Little Pony Equestria Girls. I look forward to having kids one day but having a niece and nephew is such a wonderful experience and good practice sometimes too. I love them so much and want to spoil the heck out of them most of the time.

Now that I’m working again I don’t have time to binge watch Netflix on random days of the week, but I have been watching Daredevil and I am really enjoying it. We watch 2 or 3 episodes every couple of days and it just keeps getting better. I like all of the characters even though in general I can’t stand the actress that plays Karen (because she annoyed me so much in True Blood
) lol. Other than that I continue watching and look forward to the fight sequences. I don’t want it to end but once it does a have a gazillion shows on the DVR that need to be watched – I try my best to keep it under 87% but that never lasts very long. I will get to them eventually. Thanks to Google Chromecast we can watch Netflix on our awesome TV instead of a the small laptop screen.

One thing that I have been doing better this time around (when it comes to working) is bringing a home lunch. I used to spend so much of my hard earned money every week on lunches (and sometimes snacks or coffee.) I have been pretty good at remembering to make lunches (and actually remembering to bring them with me.) I do intend on spending a little time looking up some creative lunches on Pinterest so that I am not always eating the same boring thing everyday. Let me know what your favorite home lunches are.

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How was your week? Anything awesome happen?

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