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I got to enjoy some Starbuck’s which is always a nice treat to have. It is even better when you get to use your gift cards instead of spending cash on it. Every Christmas I get at least 1 Starbuck’s gift card and this past Christmas I was blessed with 2. My usual drink is a Venti Caramel Macchiato, layered with extra caramel drizzle. Sometimes an extra shot if I need some extra energy.

What To Watch
Like I have mentioned before, I don’t watch a lot of TV unless I am binge-watching an old series on Netflix or watching it with somebody else. Well I spent some time with one of my sisters and got into these series with her:
– ‘Better Call Saul’ is the spin-off of the hit series ‘Breaking Bad’ and focuses on the (fictional) life of attorney Saul Goodman when he was hustling to get to where he was in ‘Breaking Bad’. The series is staring off slow (much like Breaking Bad did) but I am enjoying it and gonna stick with it because I loved Saul’s character so much and I enjoyed ‘Breaking Bad’. I would recommend you watch ‘Breaking Bad’ of course, but get into ‘Better Call Saul’ as well.
– ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ is based on chef Eddie Huang’s memoir. The show focuses on his childhood in the 90’s as his family attempts to live the American Dream while dealing with the cultural differences they face as immigrants from Taiwan. I think the show is hilarious and reminds me a lot of ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ and the struggles Chris Rock had trying to fit in at school. Check it out and let me know if you like it.

Over the weekend one of our dogs gave birth. She had 7 puppies but unfortunately 1 was stillborn. Then a couple days later she also ended up passing away so it has been exciting but sad at the same time. Now we have 6 cute lil puppies (a little bigger than adult mice) that I just want to snuggle and kiss on (even though I can’t because they are still newborns.) My brother and his girlfriend have been feeding and caring for them since they no longer have a mommy to nurse them. Hopefully they all get strong and healthy so that they can go to new homes. Just the thought of puppies makes me smile.

I’m In Love With The Coco(nut)
While I was waiting for the perfect time to drink an adult beverage my sister emerged from the kitchen with a coconut with a pink straw sticking out of it. The coconut water was so cold, fresh and delicious. It reminded me yet again why I love living in Hawaii.

What is your favorite “specialty” drink(s)?
What show(s) are you into right now?

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