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Big Women Big Love Cast

Big Women Big Love Cast (source: LifetimeTV)

‘Big Women: Big Love’ is a new reality series on Lifetime that premiered at the beginning of this year. The series follows the dating experiences of 5 plus size women, each with different relationship backgrounds. Some have had serious relationships in the past others are new to the dating scene.

In the beginning I was hesitant to watch. Bigger women get enough crap for their size and I wasn’t sure if this show was just another way to show how horrible and miserable it is to be a larger woman. We don’t need pity from anyone and we certainly do not need anymore negative portrayals of plus size women anywhere else. There is enough hullabaloo floating around as it is.

After watching a couple of episodes I was actually surprised and pleased by what I saw. Week after week I enjoyed watching the women as they tackled the difficult (regardless of one’s size) art of dating. There were some major losses and some wins (?) that I am sure woman of all sizes could relate to when it comes to dating. A woman’s size can make dating more difficult, however, women of any size are not immune to a horrible date.

The series showed how there are some loony men out there that have drinking problems and lack social skills. There were also the childish men that did rude things like take pictures of a females body and “joke” about it in their face. I have never been a slim woman, however, I do know that there are men boys that treat women like crap regardless of their physique. A jerk is a jerk is a jerk and woman of any size or shape should not put up with it and if they have the balls – call the jerk out on his crap so he hopefully doesn’t do it again to the next woman he dates.

The series also showed the different beliefs that women have about their bodies and how big of a part their weight/size played when it came to finding someone special. Some of the women were more confident (or at least came off that way) whereas others were trying to not let their insecurities get the best of them. I am glad that they didn’t find a group of women that were completely depressed about their size in order to feed stereotypes about plus size women. Some of the women even gave each other reality checks which made me love the show even more.

I was a little bummed when all the women came together for a convention/conference on dating they did not do an individual evaluation of each woman and their dating style. I think it would have been cool to see them each get personalized dating tips and then see them implement them as they went on their dates.

I actually started following the women on Twitter and tweet them every once and awhile with my thoughts on the show. I have gotten some responses and some favorites+RT’s from them and I wish them all the best.

I am hoping that the series gets picked up again because I enjoyed this first season and it would be nice to see if some of them have found love. The Season Finale airs Tonight (Wednesday) at 10/9c and you can watch full episodes here if you are interested in watching it.

What are your thoughts on the show? Should they pick the series back up for another season?

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